Sunday, July 19, 2009

Stitch N Pitch 2009

Son #1 and I headed down to the ballpark today for Stitch N Pitch 2009. We hopped on the train in Encinitas and joined our friends Wendy, Marc, Robin and Matt for the ride down.

StitchNPitch2009 (4)

There was of course Wendy's patented Stitch N Pitch Transit Margaritas that no train ride to the ball park should be without.

StitchNPitch2009 (2)

Thanks for the wonderful refreshments Wendy! And I would like to give a shout out for her dedication to the sock knitters. She wore the socks I made her for last years game and it was really warm today. Really warm. I don't know how warm, but it was definitely warm enough to question a person's decision to wear anything that would keep in heat (i.e. socks).

StitchNPitch2009 (1)

Here we are at the game, Edina is being shy. From left to right, Edina, me, Son #1, and my very Best B.

StitchNPitch2009 (6)

And on the other side was Greg, Nancy, Marc, Matt, Robin and Wendy.

StitchNPitch2009 (7)

Unfortunately the Padres were not inspired by us being there. They lost 6 - 1, which was painful, but not as painful as their loss on Thursday which was 10 - 1. It took less time for them to lose today. It's hard watching your team lose, and anything they can do to shorten the process is appreciated. I still had fun though! Thank the universe for knitting and friends!

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edina said...

Love that pic of James looking out the train window! I wasn't being shy...I was taking a mini-nap. :)