Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A River Run for me

Yes, the knitting has been completed for the most beautiful thing I've ever made! I've finished the River Run shawl that I bought from Stitches West 2009 in February. It does sparkle like the sun on the sea, and the beads feel like little drops of rain on your skin. It really is that gorgeous!

Here it is unblocked. I really like the way it drapes and it feels very silky. The yarn is 100% Tencel and I really loved working with it.

River Run - Unblocked (2)

I laid it on the blocking board to try and get a feel for the size it was going to be. I did not do a gauge swatch for this. I'm sure it could have been a tragedy, like a shortness of yarn or a cape down to my ankles, but it turned out very nice. It's a little bit smaller than the dimensions given on the pattern.

River Run - Unblocked (1)

After a quick dip in a sink full of Eucalan, I began the pinning. It didn't take me as long as I thought it would, only about an hour. Behold, the blocking shawl in all it's glory! Of course I'll leave it drying for at least a day. I don't want to have to block this project again anytime soon.

River Run - Blocking

Here is a detail shot...

River Run - Blocking (1)

I had read on Ravelry that a few people had run out of beads for this project and had to call and order more. I was trying to finish this in time for my sister's wedding in August so I panicked at the thought of running out of beads and called to get more. They were sent right away so I didn't worry, but I ended up not needing them anyway. I had a little bit left from my original kit so I was totally covered.

River Run - Blocking (3)

The only thing is, Will I be able to refrain from wearing it until the wedding? I really want to wear it, but it seems like whenever I touch it I risk snagging it with my ring or something. It would be upsetting to say the least if this wasn't in perfect condition for the event. Just because I wasn't patient enough to wait for 3 1/2 more weeks. I will try to restrain myself...

I am going to bind off the cuff of my husband's socks tomorrow and I've started one of the two baby sweaters that I need to do before the end of the summer. I'll finish my Purple Hooter socks next then work on one of my Socks That Rock kits that I have waiting for me also. I've gotten a little backed up on them since I was trying to bust out this shawl. No shortage of projects over here!


Chief Executive Babe said...

Absolutely gorgeous!!! You are my knitting hero for getting that done in 4 months. Enjoy wearing it!

belgianwaffle said...

You finished it! It is absolutely amazingly beautiful! I hope you post photos of you wearing it on the wedding day. Very nice work, I am impressed.