Monday, April 14, 2008

Central Park Hoodie

I'm an official member of CPH.
Name of Project: Central Park Hoodie by Heather Lodinsky
Yarn: Peace Fleece, color - Mir Atlantis Periwinkle
Yardage: 6 hanks for size 36
Needles: Size US 4 (3.5 mm) and US 6 (4.0 mm) Knit Picks circulars
Estimated Time to Complete Project: 2 months
Modifications: The first thing I changed was instead of working all of the pieces separately, I made the body all in one piece. Then I split off for the armholes and the fronts. I can't accurately describe all of the changes I made, since I veered off from the pattern somewhere. All I remember is noticing that the front cables weren't lining up with the ribbing, so I dropped them down to the ribbing and knitted them back up. It probably didn't save me a whole lot of time (as opposed to ripping it all back), but I just wanted to see if I could do it. It was kind of neat!

I worked the sleeves in the round on two circulars at the same time.

Here's what it looked like before the hood and button band.
I learned about button bands when I picked up the stitches for this. If you pick up in every stitch, then the button band will pucker and ruffle. The general rule of thumb is to pick up 2 stitches for every 3. If you want to be more specific, then you can use your gauge. If you have 5 stitches/inch and 7 rows/inch, then pick up 5 stitches for every 7.

And here it is before the sleeves.
One of the things I learned while doing this project was how hard it is to pick out buttons. I didn't realize that it was going to be so hard to make the decision. Many hours and opinions later, the silver ones won out.

It has been very convenient that I'm taking classes to make my Alpaca sweater at the same time I'm finishing my Central Park Hoodie. It's helped me learn a lot about the different ways to do things. I've found a wonderful (and patient) teacher whose helped me understand what the outcomes are, and has helped me learn a lot about sweater construction. I'm going to pick up for the sleeves and do a short row sleeve cap and work my way down to the wrists. It all works out on paper so I just have to get started.

Last Thursday was a momentous occasion down at the Grove. I got together with Cupcake and ItShe to celebrate Bobmas Eve, the anniversary of the start of

Here's the three of us, ItShe is in the middle. I think she thought she had cupcake in her teeth or something, but I don't know why. Cupcake made the best cupcakes ever. Here was mine.

Afterwards we went for pizza and beer. My kind of night!


Robin said...

Your CPH is beautiful! And dude that cupcake is awesome.

Michelle said...

Welcome to the club!

I love the way it looks and the buttons look wonderful! Congrats!

seashells said...

dang! I wish I'd gone too!

Yarnhog said...

Welcome to the bandwagon! It's a great pattern, isn't it? And yours looks so beautiful! I thought of doing mine all in one piece, but I've come to the conclusion that I don't like working large sections--it hurts my hands and wrists. I think I'd rather seam.