Monday, May 5, 2008

We Should Do This More Often

This is what My Best B would call "The Money Shot".All of our beautiful yarn hanging in the southern california sun to dry.

And here's my bare yarn, taking a dip while I mix up my dye. Notice the other hanks lounging on the stair.
Here's what happens when you don't use gloves. :) Have your hands turned back to their normal color yet Nancy?
This was the very cool setup at Wendy's house. She even had the tables tilted so the excess water dripped off the back.
Janelle was a first-timer for the self-striping yarn. This should work up to be one round stripes. I can't wait to see it!

Just a side note:
I waited until two days before the deadline to submit my entry registration to the San Diego Fair. The deadline is Wednesday, May 7. I guess since I've had my entry done for awhile I didn't realize it was sneaking up. I almost let it slip by. How disappointing would that have been!


edina said...

Thanks for posting photos from the yarn-dyeing party - hope you don't mind that I linked this post to my blog. I'll be rooting for you to win at the county fair! :)

Nancy said...

I linked it too! Thanks so much. Though remind me to never let myself be photographed after a margarita!