Sunday, March 30, 2008


Name of Project: Pomatomus by Cookie A.
Yarn: Knit Picks Bare Fingering Weight Merino/Nylon Blend, Hand-dyed blue and yellow
Yardage: almost one hank
Yarn Source:
Needles: Size US 1 (2.25 mm) and Size US 2 (2.75mm) Knit Picks circulars
Estimated Time to Complete Project: 2 months
Pattern Notes: These socks were an exercise in gauge for me. The leg was done on Size 2 needles and although I checked my gauge, they were knitting up a little loose. When I got down to the heel flap, I decided to try the Size 1 just to see if it would look nicer. What an improvement! The yarn looked better, the stitches looked better, and everything went way better.

I think in the future, I'm just going to have to err on the side of smaller needles. It seems to always work out that way for me.

The next sock pattern I'll probably do is this one:
The second shipment of the Rockin Sock Club! I'm not starting right away, because I want to do some swatching for some other things. I plan to finish up my Central Park Hoodie soon also, it's so close to being done.

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Yarnhog said...

I think you're almost always better off choosing smaller needles. Knitting, by its nature, stretches. Over time, every knit I have has grown. Socks are the worst. As you wear them, and they get warm and a little damp, they really sag. I've started knitting my socks smaller than my ankle/foot size, for just this reason. It's working for me.