Sunday, November 18, 2007

Lucy Project #5

I'm sorry to say that this is where the road ends for these babies. They are just not very fun for me. For one thing, I like to make my socks two at a time. And secondly, with the weaving and floating happening on the inside of this sock, it is so incredibly slow-going, that I have no patience left for anything else after a few rounds of this. Which, since I don't live alone, isn't good.

I was trying to go for kind of a stained glass effect when I paired these two colors of yarns together, but I'm not sure that's what I got. And this is Koigu so I think it might better be re-purposed elsewhere.

I don't feel bad about not finishing this pair of socks because the whole point of the Lucy Project was to learn new techniques so I could have a grasp on different ways of doing things. With this project, the only thing that was sort of new for me, was the checkerboard pattern. I've already done a garter stitch short row toe AND a garter stitch short row heel (Timberline Toes).

So I'm moving on, to the last of the Lucy Projects, Project #6 the Mermaid Socks. I'm really excited about these because of the Estonian Fishtail stitch pattern that is used. It looks like a rib pattern that spirals around the sock. But even these will have to wait until I'm a done with...

My Wicked Socks
Starting this Tuesday with updates to follow. :)

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