Monday, November 19, 2007

Monkeys for My Best B

I had the fortunate experience to spend the weekend with one of my most favorite people in the whole world. We had a special reason for celebrating, it's a milestone birthday for her. She is a knitter and one of the chosen few worthy of receiving a handknit from my needles. So among the many things available for me to knit for her, I had to make some choices. This is what won out.

Name of Project: Monkey by Cookie A.
Yarn: Schaefer Anne
Made For: My Best B
Needles: Size US 1.5 (2.5 mm) Knit Picks circulars
Estimated Time to Complete Project: 3 weeks

I think she liked them. She said they felt wonderful and wore them all night long. My Best B was the first person who ever knitted me something and it felt good to return the favor. She has been there for me many times, and has shown me what true friendship is.

This is after the heel flap was done, and below is after the heel turn. The heel looks so pointy at first, but when you try them on, you see how it just arcs around your heel. I love Cookie! The woman is a genius of sock architecture. The only thing that I noticed was the toe measured 2" for me. That was a good thing for me because I wanted to make them a certain size, but the pattern says the toe will measure 1.5". I've found this consistently with other patterns that my toes are usually 2". I don't know what the deal is with that, but I guess as long as I know this and roll with it I'll be okay.

I'm off to the wonderful desert land to pay homage to the god of relaxation, campfires, dirtbikes and alcohol. Will be back next Sunday, Woohoo!

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Rebecca said...

Of course I love my socks! They are permanently affixed to my feet - which makes heels at work look a little odd, but what the hey! I love you!