Thursday, April 9, 2015

April's off to a good start

I really enjoyed the San Diego North Coast Knitters Guild meeting this week where the theme was “Vintage Knitting”. I especially appreciated the work that went into preparing bags for the guild charity knitting. My two sons are helping knit scarves for a local woman’s shelter. The little scarf kits were lovingly prepared by the guild so it was very easy to start the project.

I am super excited about the new Louisa Harding yarn Noema! Nancy and I picked out sweaters and cast on together. Nancy is working on Flutterby and I'm working on Felicity. Knitting Fever Inc. is hosting a knitalong on the Louisa Harding Lovers Ravelry group for Noema yarn and patterns from April 1 – June 30. I totally want to win more of this yarn!

I am fascinated about the idea of a Master Spinner Certificate from Olds College in Canada. I was looking at a project completed by somebody who had earned a certificate, and learned about an author named Mabel Ross. I borrowed her book “Essentials of Yarn Design for Handspinners” from the library. It has been an excellent resource for technical spinning. I'm currently working on a Sheep 2 Shoe kit from Blue Moon Fiber arts in the Lapis colorway.

I've ordered Mabel Ross's DVD from Village Spin & Weave and an Eszee Twist Tool from Camaj Fiber Arts. I'm hoping to learn the more technical aspects of my spinning and be able to produce a bigger variety of yarns.

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Kate Price said...

You should checkout this Canadian podcast, By The Fibreside ( who is doing the spinning classes at Olds. It's super fascinating to hear about and I don't even spin!