Wednesday, March 4, 2015

The Knit Surfers Episode 19 - A March Update

Here is Episode 19 from Nancy and I!

So I've had a mild flu for the past week and although I didn't feel very well, as long as I stayed in bed and didn't move around too much, it was bearable. This left me a lot of time to knit and I worked on the Rose Window shawl a lot. I've finished the 3rd chart so there's only one more to go. I'm so happy with how it's come out and the ease of the knitting due to the wonderful tool I have, The Beadle Needle. It has saved me HOURS of work and made the knitting so enjoyable.


I've finally got my gauge right on my Social Network socks. What an ordeal! I had to start the sock 3 times before it finally looked like I wanted it to. I'm not sure what happened in this particular case, but apparently I'm back to going down needle sizes to achieve the correct tension. The sock on the bottom is lined up with the original sock so you can see how much bigger it was. MEGA too big!

I went to the San Diego North Coast Knitters Guild March meeting where the speaker was Grace Akhrem. She's a knitwear designer from Los Angeles with a lot of amazing patterns.
I really like her use of finer gauge yarns and short rows. I've put a couple of patterns in my Ravelry queue to see if I have anything appropriate to use for the projects.

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