Sunday, February 13, 2011

Pretty Toes

What a beautiful sun shiny-day to finish my Pretty Toes socks!
Pretty Toes Finished (2)

And I started my husband's Crazy Zauberball socks so I would have some portable, auto-pilot knitting.

Zauberball WIP 2-2011

I wanted to get these started so I would have something simple to knit on during my sewing class that I'm taking on Saturday mornings. Yesterday was the second class, and we STILL have not sewn anything. I'm pretty sure that this teacher is not my preferred style but I'm hoping to just get through the rest of the classes without stabbing myself with my knitting needles out of frustration and impatience. There doesn't seem to be any actual outline or guidelines of what she's going to do, she just kind of wings it. And she does a poor job explaining why she is doing things the way she is. For instance, she is really into basting for some reason. She will have two pieces of fabric pinned together, but then will baste it and remove the pins. A couple students were trying to ask her why you would bother if you already had it pinned (because it seems like an extra step) and her answer to all questions of that nature is "you are beginners, I teach you the beginner way." Which is the fastest way to lose my respect as a teacher. If you can't explain why you are doing things a certain way, then you don't understand it well enough. But that's kind of weird considering she's been doing it for 40 years. I think this might be one of those instances where the teaching style is just not to my taste.

A few others in the class have signed up repeatedly, so they must see what I don't. But that leads me to think, why would you have to sign up repeatedly for a beginner sewing class. Shouldn't you leave the beginner class with the basics? Shouldn't you be bored in a beginner class after gaining those skills and hearing them again and again? Which also makes me think, it's not the beginner class over and over again. She's teaching what she wants, at the time, and everyone just soaks up what knowledge that they get. Once again, my expectations have set me up. At least I'll get a ton of knitting done! And who knows, maybe learn something by osmosis.

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