Thursday, February 17, 2011

Love Letters for Valentine's Day

Every year I ask my husband to write me a love letter for Valentine's Day. I have a collection of very cute handmade cards and notes that he's given me since we started dating. I come across them when I'm going through my drawers or looking for something in my closet and they make me so happy when I see them.

We counted it up and realized that this was our 16th Valentine's Day together and wondered how long it took us to realize, that going out to dinner on Valentine's did not suit either of us. I know we tried for several years, because it seemed to be the thing to do. But we realized that both of us would be grumpy by the time we got home because of the crowds of people, bad service, bad food and a generally rushed feeling. And that wasn't the way we wanted to spend time together. This year I made a cozy dinner at home and we had a fun time looking through all of the handmade Valentine's day cards that the boys brought home from school. And I got my husband's love letter.

STR Jan 11 (1)

Return address - Blue Moon Fiber Arts, Rockin' Sock Club

STR Jan 11 (2)
He really knows how to send me a love letter! And he actually kept it a secret for two weeks! He's the one that always gets the mail, so he stashed it until dinner that night. Which is really unusual, because neither of us can keep a secret from the other to save our lives.
STR Jan 11 (3)

After carefully examining both patterns, I've decided I'm going to knit Social Network by Lucy Neatby. It's got traveling cables in colorwork and looks so cool. I think these will have to be my new spinning socks when I get them done because they are going to be sooooooo cozy and warm.

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Rebecca said...

Now THAT'S a valentine. We don't celebrate V-day, but seeing that package could make me reconsider.

Nice job, Kelie's husband!