Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Accomplishments of 2010

A little recap of last year to check in and see what I have to show for myself. (All of these are in my project pages in Ravelry, so I didn't bother to link them.)

From Smallest to Largest:

12 Washcloths - I learned how much I really loved hand knit washcloths in almost the same way I learned how much I really love hand knit socks. I got to use one. They feel so nice to wash my face with and I also use them in the kitchen.

3 Hot Water Bottle covers - This was one of those projects I never really thought about. It kept coming up though, in podcasts I listened to, in people's project pages on Ravelry, so I jumped on the bandwagon and thought I would try it. Hot water bottles are awesome! I love to put one in bed before I get in to warm it up, I put them in my kids' beds and sometimes I just like to sit with one. They're super cozy and really comforting.

4 Pom Pom Square Hats - These snow hats were a commissioned item and I thought they were so cute I made one for myself. They're kind of silly but so am I and mine keeps me super warm.

4 Pairs of Hand socks/fingerless gloves - One pair for my offspring, and the other three were gifts. I definitely got the hang of these during the year and am glad I finally have a pair of my own that I've recently finished.

2 pairs of Baby Booties - My go-to pattern for Baby showers. These are still the cutest things ever and incredibly popular amongst my recipients.

24 Swirls on the Swirl Shawl - A ravelympic challenge that I'm happy to say I completed. They were entered in the Free Dance category because I didn't actually finish the shawl, I just set a goal for how many swirls I would try and get done during the events.

2 Shawls - The beautiful Sweet Lime After Hours Shawl that went to a friend, and my Starry Starry Night that Wendy brought back from Stitches for me last year.

2 pairs of Socks - I only completed two pairs of socks last year? This is a true shocker. A pair of Chiefs socks for my sock-worthy husband, and a pair of socks for myself. The ones for myself were the Mystery Sock II: Girls Night Out socks. Wendy dyed the beautiful orange colored yarn especially for me to match one of my favorite skirts.

2 Sweaters - a Wonderful Wallaby for Son #1 when he started school, and my Cardigan Azure. I made the cardigan based on a design I saw from Blue Sky Alpacas called Lacy Cardigan. I used Wendy Bernard’s book Custom Knits to work the design from the top down, putting the stitch patterns I saw from the Lacy Cardigan in place. It truly fits me perfectly and I’ve worn it every time I’ve needed a sweater to keep warm.

One of the things I had thought about last year was how little knitting time I had. Apparently I was able to squeeze in more than I thought. I'm counting 32 projects!

With my projects planned out for this year there are only 12, which I think leaves me a lot of room to be creative and do a lot more sock knitting. I've got 3 pairs of socks planned, 3 hats, 2 scarfs/cowls, and four pairs of gloves. Definitely do-able!

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