Sunday, June 15, 2008

WWKIP 2008

World Wide Knit In Public Day was so fun! Our knitting circle met at The Lumberyard in Encinitas. Robin sent around an email saying we should all get together and the ball got rolling. Edina posted it on the website for us and Anna made us this very eye-catching sign.

Here I am working away on my Corset-T. I was past the armholes so all I had to do was about 20 inches of ribbing. It was perfect for knitting in public. I could talk and eat without worrying about where I was in the pattern.

This is most of us, although Janelle had to leave a little bit before that, and a couple of people showed up after.When 5 o'clock rolled around, Wendy, Robin, Nancy and I decided to head over to El Callejon for the well-deserved margarita. We had after all spent the entire day representing.

This is Wendy and her husband...

Robin and her husband...

And me and my date... :)

We had a lovely time at dinner. Although it was really weird that the restaurant didn't have Nachos or Burritos. Can you call yourself a Mexican restaurant if you don't have that stuff? The margaritas were very good though. I tried to work on the ribbing for my top, and ended up dropping a purl stitch that I couldn't pick back up. Nancy picked it up for me and I finished my row I was on then put it away. I guess I have my limitations, even with simple knitting.

We discussed our wish that the Yarn Harlot would come to San Diego for a book signing, and I told them how I send her emails requesting her to come (in a totally non-stalkerish way). I think if enough people sent her emails requesting that she stop here, her publisher would have to accommodate. It was a fun day!


Yarnhog said...

I wish I could have been there! My son's party went well, but 15 kids in the pool isn't nearly as fun as knitting and margaritas.

I drove to LA to see the Harlot the last time she was there. There were about 800 people. I'm sure we could make it worth while for her to come here.

edina said...

Great photos - looks like you guys had fun at El Callejon! I'll have to stick around longer next time. :)