Thursday, May 29, 2008

Stolen Passion

I don't usually post about anything other than knitting, because that's why I started this blog. To keep track of my knitting projects and it's made me feel good to not be known as "blogless friend Khalila". But I have had a situation take place that I'm am having trouble moving on from and I thought it might help to write about it and get it out.

On Wednesday, May 21, 2008 at 5:15 pm in Encinitas, my family's RV was broken into and our dirtbikes were stolen. The two bikes taken were tricked out with special parts and features that made them stand out.
This is me, on the quad that no one could beat. It's a 2003 Suzuki LTZ 400. It's not the newest bike but some of the features it has are: A wider wheel base with after-market A-arms and axle, Full system Alba exhaust pipe (which made it sound louder and deeper than other quads), Alba “flame” graphics and seat cover kit and Alba front bumper. Aluminum gas cap, carbon fiber gas tank cover and air scoops were also on the bike. One really unique item witch was a clear radiator hose that you could see the green coolant pass through.

If you are a fellow desert rat please: Look for a loud and fast yellow quad. (and possibly someone who's driving it like they stole it.)

This was my husband's 2003 Suzuki RM 250 that was taken.

The RM 250 was also custom with a powder coated “yellow” frame and a Team Alba graphics kit # 17. The wheels were one of a kind with powder coated “blue” hubs and new unscratched “factory yellow” excel rims with Braking wave rotors front and back and a Tag sprocket. The forks were modified by enzo racing and had “sub-tank” canisters mounted behind the front number plate. Tag T2 black bars with Tag black triple clamps. The seat cover is a “blue” CEET gripper with a “red” Suzuki patch on both sides of the cover. Pro Circuit pipe and silencer with Boyesen “Factory Racing” engine covers in “black.” All the plastic on the bike was yellow with carbon fiber frame guards and wide White Brothers foot pegs.

If you are a fellow desert rat please: Look for a yellow and blue RM 250 2 stroke with too much bling to be ignored.

I never thought I would be this upset over losing something that I deemed "replaceable". After all, it's the irreplaceable that's worth crying about. But to have someone just take what our family has worked so hard for and plays so hard with, was above my emotional maturity level. I don't think we'll get them back, and I'm not sure when we'll be able to replace them. My husband says that the sting will go away a little when we eventually get new ones, but I'm not so sure because I'm SO angry. The experience has made us extra diligent in securing the rest of our things, so I guess education is never a bad thing. And my friends have been very supportive, I've actually gotten calls to see if we've heard anything about our bikes.

But when do you stop being angry and move on? It's really affecting my knitting because, I am not a stress knitter. I've picked up my needles to try and pull myself out of my slump, so hopefully one passion will remove my thoughts from the stolen one.

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Yarnhog said...

I am so sorry. I know it's just stuff, but when someone just takes or destroys something that you've worked for and value, it is such a violation. We've been burglarized twice (fortunately, just the garage) and the sense of offense and anger are overwhelming. It does eventually fade, especially after you are able to replace the things lost, but I don't think you ever completely stop feeling angry about it. I hope someone recognizes your bikes and they catch the dirty slimeball that stole them.