Monday, March 17, 2008

Big Basin

Name of Project: Big Basin Socks by Rebecca A from the Six Sox Knitalong
Yarn: Louet Gems Fingering Weight, Color: Baby Neptune - I really liked this yarn and the color reminded me of a bird swimming on a pond leaving a wake behind her.
Needles: Size US 0 (2.0 mm) Knit Picks circulars
Estimated Time to Complete Project: 3 weeks
Pattern Notes: I made the 56 stitch pattern and it was too snug for my feet. I would have been better off casting on 60 sts and maybe a size up on the needle. I finished them with an I-Cord Bind-off.

My thought was that my son's feet are almost as big as mine (about 1" shorter than my Women's Size 8) so they should be close to fitting on him. I tried them on and they are almost perfect. He has a little room to grow, so they should be useful for a long time. Or at least a couple of months.

His birthday is next week and my Son #1 will be 6 years old. It's a little overwhelming to see that in the six years he's been part of my life, he's grown to almost my shoulders with feet and hands as big as mine. His dad is big, so it wasn't unexpected, it's just crazy to see it happen. I'm happy I was able to hand knit a pair of socks for him that he didn't grow out of before I finished them. The pictures above were all I was able to get before he went off to a day camp with his friends today. Before I could even ask him if he wanted to wear them all day, he told me that he hoped it was alright if could wear them, because he liked them so much. So I said that I was happy that he like them and to have fun at camp. Even though they might get a little dirty on the playground or in the sandbox, or possible covered in paint from the craft of the day.

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Yarnhog said...

He's just turning six and has feet almost as big as yours? Wow. That's a big kid. Great socks!