Sunday, March 16, 2008


Today I got to check out the International Alpaca Odyssey at the Del Mar Fairgrounds. I wasn't quite sure what to expect because I've never actually seen an alpaca in person. Only in pictures. I went with My Best B and family in tow.
Their little faces are so cute and their fleece looks so soft that I can understand why people fall in love with them and buy ranches so they can keep a few. I think I'm going to. I would have a few in each color.
They seemed especially interested in the kids, but didn't really give us the time of day.
I can say that I was expecting it to be a little more. I wasn't sure if all of the different colors of alpaca were represented and there wasn't really anybody hanging around to enlighten us on the animals. It looked like they had already started packing up and leaving, even though we got there right when they opened. I'm not sure how that worked though because there was still judging going on in a pen outside. So maybe next year I'll try to go on Friday or Saturday.
Even though I didn't buy an alpaca, I did take this cute little black alpaca finger puppet home.
I thought it appropriate that this Saturday, I started my Alpaca Sweater in the first session of my sweater class down at Common Threads. First we took our measurements, then decided on the shape and design of our sweater, and figured out the math. I had decided to do a cardigan that had some shaping but was not necessarily fitted. I want to wear it over a shirt and not have it be tight. So of course it meant that I had more math to do, but I have faith in the process that I'm being led in. I am so in love with the yarn. It's so soft and the fabric I'm knitting is so light and airy. I'm thinking I may need to re-think my wardrobe so I can wear it everyday. Of course I said that about all of the red socks I've made too. But when you make something good, you want to wear it all the time!

I am almost done with the Big Basin socks too. I tried them on Son #1 tonight and they are a little long in the foot but I think it may work out. This time I may have caught his feet ahead of the curve and he really likes them. So all I have to do is bind off and they're his. They are just a little too snug for my feet and they look cuter on him anyway.

This was a really cute purse My Best B surprised me with when I met up with her at the sweater class on Saturday. She saw it and knew I would love it so she bought it for me. If that wasn't enough, there was a beautiful hank of Mountain Colors inside. It's different shades of green and I needed the yarn for a design I have in mind for the sock contest I'm entering. So she'll get some props if the design wins. It gave me the opportunity to photograph my second Unoriginal Hat I made back in January but never took pictures of.

Pacapoo was a personalized license plate we saw on the way back to the car from the Alpaca fair. I thought it fitting for a blog title. :)

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edina said...

Those alpaca faces are so cute! How nice of your friend to gift you that purse - I love Kate Spade bags.