Friday, March 7, 2008

Big Projects

The spinning continues...
This is a sample of the new Mountain Colors roving that I was privileged to get a sneak preview of. It's about 3/4 of an ounce and 73 yards. I spun it into the thinnest single I could manage and then Navajo plied it for a 3-ply. And it still came out fingering weight. Oh yeah!

My local yarn store Common Threads is going to be carrying these rovings and I just can't wait to see what colors they get. My little skein came out so cute that I'm definitely going to get some more. I just love the colors and after it was washed and hung to dry, it actually softened up a little bit. Not that it was scratchy to begin with, but now it feels really nice.

I bought this Superfine Alpaca for the Make Your First Sweater class I'll be at next Saturday. I just have to do a couple of swatches to get a gauge that I like and then I'll be ready. This alpaca is so soft that I know my children are just going to want to hug me and cuddle with me, and I won't have to pin them down on the floor to kiss them. I have a Cardigan in mind, with sleeves that flare out a little at the wrists, is fitted at the waist and probably has a V-neck. We'll see how the process goes. I need to be measured and want to just soak up as much information I can about making my own sweater. I've made them from patterns but am very interested in learning how to make them using a yarn that I like with a gauge of my own. I could probably figure it using the trial-by-error method, but I like the idea of being walked through the process a lot better.

And now I would like to introduce, the Woolee Winder.
I ordered this early in February and have been waiting patiently for a month for it to arrive at my doorway. It automatically winds the bobbin for you when you spin so you don't have to stop and move the hook down the bobbin. I keep hearing about how helpful it is and how people who have used it have had much better results with their spinning. And my thoughts are, You're only as good as your tools.

So now I get to start my Sheep 2 Shoe kit I got from Blue Moon Fiber Arts.

So here's a list of upcoming projects:
Alpaca Sweater - My First Sweater Class
Socks That Rock Shipment #2 (should be here very soon)
And the Socks That Rock Sheep 2 Shoe Kit

A lot of big projects happening for me and I'm very excited. It's just too much fun!

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Yarnhog said...

Ooooh! I love, love, love my Woolie Winder! My husband ordered it as a surprise gift for my birthday. I was so impressed that he even knew what one was, and that he got one that fit my wheel. My spinning really improved after getting it, although from the looks of yours, you don't need any improvement!