Monday, March 3, 2008

Status Report

Three projects, three updates.

Central Park Hoodie - I've divided the fronts and the back and am working up to the shoulders.
I am taking my time so I can check the measurements and do the math to make sure it's going to fit me nicely. I am really excited about starting the Giselle sweater, but will wait until I have this one finished. The only bummer is that it might be too warm for me to wear it by the time I get it done.

Big Basin Socks - The heel turn and flap are complete and I just need to work up the leg.I really like the ripple look that the mock cable gives. These look more like Big Sky socks than Big Basin socks with this blue yarn.

Pomatomus socks - Just working down the foot.
I only work about a repeat a week on these because I've been working on the CPH but I think they'll be finished by the end of March.

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Robin said...

Holy crap! Your CPH is almost done!