Saturday, January 26, 2008

Totally Worth It

Today was the day my very first Rockin Sock Club shipment arrived. O Happy Day! I knew it was going to be here soon, I had been following their blog intensively. My first shipment did not disappoint. I got my binder, which includes the Dyer's Notes for the yarn I received, a couple of really cool charts and notes, and my first pattern. I also got a little keychain made out of the same yarn for the pattern and two buttons. They are so cute!
The beautiful yarn that arrived is called Dragon Dance and is part of the Chinese New Year Celebration. The theme of this yarn makes me feel connected to other parts of the world and has the most wonderful reds. The pattern, Serendipity, that was chosen to go with this yarn has a lace pattern that looks like candle flames. It's going to be wonderful!

I am usually a monogamous knitter, with only one pair of socks and a bigger project on the needles. I like to finish the thing I'm working on before starting another project that is the same kind of thing. I have not finished my Pomatomus socks yet but I just can't wait to cast these on and get started. I've already wound them into balls and made a working copy of the pattern so I can cast on tonight.
This was taken a little over a week ago and I'm down to the end of the heel flap. I just need to turn the heel and finish the foot and toe. So I figured I'm not that far off.

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I am soooooooooo jealous