Friday, November 30, 2007

Squares and Stitch markers

These are the squares I made for the project Knitters Re-covering San Diego. The yarn was generously donated and Common Threads is heading up the project. I've seen there are a few more people out there with similiar projects and it makes me so happy that people are giving their time and money to help out the fire victims in San Diego.

The first two squares I made were Reversible Cables from the Nine Block Baby Blanket by Lily Chin. I saw her on Knitty Gritty and wanted to try it ever since, so this was the perfect opportunity. I started on the Reversibly Cabled Braid Block, only to find out that the chart is wrong. First the cable leans right, then the next time you cross them they should both lean left. If you look at the chart on the second row of cables, one leans right and one leans left. I saw it when I started but did not question the knitting wisdom of the great Lily Chin. I'm sure it was one of her people or someone from Knitty Gritty and not her that screwed up the chart. I tried it the wrong way for a few rows and said to myself, okay let's do it the right way now, and here it is.
But based on what I learned from those cables, I made a smaller more compact cable for my next two squares. I liked these ones the best.

And this was a random pick out of a stitchionary book. It was some sort of slip stitch but I don't remember exactly.

When I signed up for a Cat Bordhi class, I went on her website to check out the book (it wasn't available yet) and see what I was going to learn. I saw that I was going to need stitch markers with the alphabet on them to learn her techniques. So I decided to hook myself up with some.
I've always loved to work with beads, so it wasn't hard for me to figure out how to put them together. I had a lot of fun doing it, so I showed them off to the LYS that is hosting the class. She loved them and offered to sell them in her store. I made her some sets and they all sold! So I made more to take in this weekend. I'm going to some up in my Etsy shop and see what happens.
I'm going to try very hard to get the sleeves done on my Cherie Amour this weekend. It's raining very hard today and if it continues through the weekend, it'll be the perfect excuse. I stalled on the sleeves because instead of making the sleeve in a flat piece and seaming, I've decided to pick up around the armhole and knit down. I just have to sit and focus for a little while to get it started and it'll be done in a snap.

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