Sunday, November 25, 2007

Putting Autumn Away

I had an absolutely great time out at the desert this past week. The weather was mostly beautiful, except for some wind that came up for awhile on Thursday and Friday.

I got the whole foot of my Wicked socks done, and am now ready to start the short row heel. I'm going to use the Japanese short row technique that I learned. It uses little pieces of yarn to mark the change of the row instead of wraps, and it makes the change in direction virtually invisible, and there are no holes. I've tested it before, just never in an actual pattern.

So now that I'm home I need to put all the fall decorations away and get ready for Christmas. So I thought while I had them out, I would document them for Ravelry. Here are some pictures of my Halloween and Thanksgiving decorations I crocheted about 6 years ago. I love to have special things to decorate for the holidays, so I tend to gravitate towards these kinds of projects, although I haven't made anything like this in a long time. These are from an Annie's Attic Book called Pudgy Autumn Characters and are crocheted. These are my witches.

This is my pumpkin. That's doll hair and ribbon on her wooden ball head. I used a transfer for all of the faces.

This is my Turkey. I think the ribbon is a bit much so he might get a makeover next year.

This is my scarecrow. That's natural excelsior under his hat and around his sleeves, which I didn't even know what that was until I made this. It's just hay.

These are my Pilgrims. They are helpful when I'm doing my Mayflower re-enactment for my sons.

This is my Indian. She gets played with a lot, so her face is wearing off a little bit. I love her braids.

Now onto the Christmas madness!

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Robin said...

Your Wicked socks are awesome!