Sunday, March 4, 2007

You can never have too many purses

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Introducing the Shar-pei Purse. It's knitted flat then the first and last rows of each color are sewn together to make the rolls for the purse and also gathered together to wrinkle them up. If I had sewn them tighter it would have a more wrinkled look but I wanted the bag to be a little bit bigger so it would be usable. It was a fun project because I got to try six different kinds of yarn and I liked to see how the next color and type would look and feel. It was also very easy to pick up and put down whenever I needed to which is probably why it got finished before I made any progress on my other projects. I haven't had a huge block of time to sit and knit and therefore was only able to work on an easy knit.

I'm going to cast-on for my mini Timberline Toe sock this next week and try to work on my Sahara sweater at least once. I also would like to finish the last part of the sleeves on my ballet top and sew them on. Then I will have one less work-in-progress staring at me (it's almost done).


amanda said...

Thanks for the comment about Sahara. LOVE that purse!

Dora said...

You write very well.