Monday, March 5, 2007

Mini Timberline Toe Sock

It didn't take me very long to knit this little sock up and learn the techniques for this sock from Lucy's book. It's got a Tubular cast-on which gives the top a smooth, rounded edge. Then it uses a Garter Stitch Short Row Heel which is just like a normal short row heel except you knit every row instead of purling on the wrong side. It looks very cool and I imagine would be a nice cushion on a sock. It finishes off with a Garter Stitch Common Wedge Toe. This particular technique uses purl rows to create the ridges and adds durability to the sock.

I liked using these particular techniques and look forward to casting on the full-size sock so I can try it on and see how it feels. I'm using my Socks That Rock Lightweight in colorway Thistle (used in mini version shown). I'll probably stay up later than I should just to get them going because I'm excited.

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