Saturday, March 17, 2007

St. Patrick's Day Bling

Although I do like the occasional friendly pinch, I also like to dress up for St. Patrick's Day. So I've been working on my knitted wire skills, trying to come up with the right amount of stitches and needle size to best fit my hand. My magic formula uses Size 5 aluminum needles and 33 stitches. My first successful bracelet was the little Zebra number shown below. I cast-on 3 stitches then slid a bead up and every 3rd stitch after that. After this success I was confident I could make a green one to celebrate St. Patrick's Day. I started with a slip-knot and slid 3 beads up for every stitch (shown above).

Here is a collection of all the experiments so far. Two wins (on the left) and three losses (on the right). The losers include 2 napkin rings and 1 that was so big it fit my husband's hand. Thank you to Annie Modesitt from whom I learned this technique when she came to San Diego. I will proceed to have an accessory for every mood. :)

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