Friday, January 12, 2007

Meeting the Mod

Yesterday I was able to meet The Knitting Heretic who I've admired for some time. Annie Modesitt taught Knitting Wire Jewelry at the Grove and for 3 hours I enjoyed her friendly, vibrant and colorful personality. I learned characteristics about wire and how to properly work with it. The class started off with a few instructions on how to hold wire and the first thing we made was a swatch. It was a little awkward at first but once you start pulling on the wire and blocking it, you can see your stitches defined. The class project was a dangle bracelet. Mine was more of a napkin ring. I should have cast-on more stitches, but I was pleased with it anyway. I was very interested in learning how to finish such a piece and watched Annie's skillful hands help finish all of the pieces made during our class.

Annie was teaching out of her book called Twist and Loop. I highly recommend this book to anyone interested in taking their knitting and crocheting to the next level using wire and beads. The outcome of the projects are intriguing and beautiful, not to mention extremely unique. I love the assortment and availability of beads and now I have an avenue in which I can create anything I want.

I first read about Annie when I got the 2006 Crochet-a-Day calendar and saw her wonderful crocheted wire jewelry. I went onto her website and read her notes on Combination Knitting. I tried it and have never gone back. It is incredibly fast, my gauge and tension are very consistent and it's easy on my hands.

I'm on the left, Annie's on the right

I know almost all of the knitting talent in the US will be converging in San Diego this weekend for the TNNA show (which, I understand, is NOT open to the public). :( Maybe next year I'll try to get it on that and maybe absorb some of the creative talent.

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