Monday, March 19, 2007

No Ballet for Me

My ballet top is finally done! I've been sitting on the sleeves for weeks. I was up to the point where you start increasing for the cap and just left it there until I could get a few minutes to figure out how long I needed the arms to be. I decided I just wanted to get it off my WIP list and sat down to finish it.

The pattern was from Patons and used Patons Lacette in Black. I used my Size 15 Knit Lite needles. The Knit Lites were particularly handy when working with this yarn because it helped me see the stitches better when they are lit up from the inside.

I'm not sure if I am ever really going to wear this. If it looked like the picture during normal wear, I would include it in my normal clothes rotation at least once a week. But...the cap sleeves did not quite fit in the armholes and so it has this weird place under the arms where it bags. And because the sleeves aren't quite right, the shoulders don't stay up where they're supposed to. When I put it on and arrange it the way it's supposed to be it looks good. Unfortunately when I started moving around it showed it's imperfections immediately. Oh well. It was a challenge to knit with the lace weight yarn on such big needles and I just don't think I want to try again.

I found a cute little video on You Tube featuring the Knit Lite Knitting needles. It can be seen at

On another interesting note, I joined the Six Sox Knitalong group on Yahoo. My Best B showed me the sock pattern that they are currently working on and I really wanted to try it. They make six socks a year so I've got to get knitting if I want to be a part of this current pattern. It is called Springtime in Paris and looks very cute. I just hope my sock knitting (or pattern-reading) skills are up to the challenge.

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