Sunday, February 18, 2007

A really fun yarn sale

This holiday weekend (Presidents Day weekend) the LYS had a wonderful sale. The e-mail went out with a coupon and I picked the day to go. Obviously I had to be the first one in on Saturday when they opened so I could have first pick at the room filled with yarn at 50% off. The rest of the store was 25% off. I had gone in the Thursday before to scope out the joint and get ideas for what I wanted to buy while I was there. My husband had made a very good point that I should only buy enough yarn for projects that I was going to do within the next 6-12 months so I could keep current and purchase different things next year. So when I was there casing the joint, I decided to get some yarns I've been wanting to try for awhile and just haven't made the leap.

This is Recycled Silk from Tibet. I have always thought it to be really beautiful and exotic. To just have a colorful knitted fabric made from this draped around me is very exciting and I can't wait to start balling it up so I can do a little swatching.

This is yarn for a purse I saw made up at the shop. It was so neat looking that I wanted to try making it also. It is knitted flat alternating different stripes of yarn, then the individual stripes are folded and sewn to give the purse a rolled, baggy look. It sounds kind of weird but...that's me.

This is Cherry Tree Hill superwash merino in the colorway Winterberry. I'm just going to make some kind of a shawl that I can wear anywhere.

This is a corded Noro yarn called Daria. I had bought some of this before and made a bag for my Ipod and loved working with it. It looks very cool knitted up and at 50% off I couldn't resist. I didn't get all of the colors I would've liked to, but I had to have a little restraint.

And finally, the sock yarn. Doesn't count for stash and yet holds such an important place in my "stash box".

I have been known to feel a little buyers remorse after participating in a sale. I felt absolutely no guilt and couldn't be happier about my purchases this weekend. It has already brought me joy and has only been in my hands for one day.

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