Saturday, February 10, 2007

My Knitted Hearts

Here was another attempt to work with wire. The wire is 28 gauge and I used size 5 aluminum needles on both of them. I was making my movements very exaggerated with the second because I wanted to see the stitches as they were forming so it came out way bigger.

Sahara Sweater progress update:
I've finished the start of the back and picked up to start down the front. I am loving the KnitPicks Options needles. After doing the back armhole shaping I needed to place the stitches on a holder to pick up the provisional cast-on for the front. Instead, I was able to unscrew the needles, put the end caps on, and continue with a different cable on the needles. Very convenient. :) So now I'm working down the front of the sweater. It's been slow starting out but I'm picking up speed as I go.

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