Friday, January 21, 2011

All Kinds of Excitement

Well, first of all I wanted to let everyone know about our new podcast Yarn on Tap from Knitters Brewing Co. Wendy received podcasting equipment for Christmas and enthusiastically got us started on our show. I have to admit I was pretty nervous at first. I absolutely LOVE knitting podcasts. I listen to them almost daily. But I never thought I would be on one. But after a shot of courage I was able to relax and have fun. I'm really glad we did it and I'm looking forward to our next one. The shows are going to be bi-weekly so the next one will be up a week from today if all goes as smoothly as last time.

Second of all, I got my Knitting Boot Camp list figured out.

Who - When - What
Hubby - Fathers Day 6/19 or Bday 8/3 - Zauberball Socks
Son #1 and Son #2 - Start of School sometime in Sep - Rasta Hats for when they’re feeling funky, or maybe Hill Country Hat or a Cabled hat for when they’re feeling more mellow
Son #1 and Son #2 - also before school starts - Burberry Cowl or Big Cabled Scarf like Cora but not girly
Son #1 and Son #2 - Mar & Sep - Fingerless gloves probably similar to the Zombie gloves I made him before that we can’t find now because everyone wanted them
Son #1 and Son #2 - Socks, for Christmas
And for Me (or somebody) - Whenever it happens
Parrotfish Hat with matching Mermaid Gloves
Spirogyra Gloves
Buttoned Cardi

I'm pretty excited about this because 1) I like lists, 2) I like lists about knitting, and 3) I like lists of things I get to knit!

Another activity I've joined in on is a thread about Dreaded Knits. A few Ravelers have decided to band together and work on long-time WIP projects that have been hibernating on their needles but they would like to finish. I have a long-time project but it definitely isn't Dreaded. It's just Neglected. For no reason other than I can't work on it unless I have an uninterrupted chunk of time. And let's face it, the only uninterrupted chunk of time I ever usually have is when I'm asleep. And even that's not a guarantee.
Swirl Shawl WIP 2-10
The poor beautiful shawl has languished since the last Ravelympics so I've committed to working on it once a week for 40 minutes. That's one swirl a week. There are 82 swirls in a complete shawl and I’ve made 43. That leaves 39 to go. Should be done sometime during the middle of October of this year at that rate. But at least it’ll be finished! :)

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