Monday, March 1, 2010

Closing Ceremonies

This was the best time I have EVER had watching the Olympics. I had never really gotten into them before. They would come and I would catch the headlines and the medal count, but I usually wouldn't sit and watch the events. With the Knitting Olympics and the Ravelympics happening this year, I was motivated to set a goal and see if I could finish it within the 17 days. I completed my "project" and received my Free Dance medal from Ravelry and my Knitting Champion Medal from the Yarn Harlot.

My project was to finish 24 swirls on my Swirl Shawl, which at the time seemed like a whole bunch. I anticipated having to push everyday to get that many done, and come sliding over the finish line right at the end. But I finished a few days early and had enough time to leisurely weave in the loose ends.

Which makes me think I didn't set the bar high enough. Not that I think I should have stressed myself out about it, because I hardly had enough time or ability to get the 16 more swirls done that would have made another row on the shawl. But I feel like I underestimated how quickly I would memorize the pattern and how much faster I would get at knitting the swirls. I was able to cut 30 minutes of time off of the knitting of one swirl. When I started it took me 1 hr and 15 minutes to finish one. By the time I was finished with the two rows, I was busting them out in about 45 minutes. I'm just saying that I might set the bar a little higher next time. :)

But seriously, I really, really enjoyed watching the Olympics this year. I didn't get enough sleep and was a little cranky after the nights where I had to stay up until 11:30 or later, because I just had to see who won the gold, but other than that, the world felt a little smaller to me. People are basically the same all over the world, whether they are jumping up for joy to celebrate their victory, or crying into their coaches shoulders from defeat. It made me feel good to see that countries all over the world can come together and represent their best. I'm looking forward to the Summer Olympics now! Go Team Sock-aholic!

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