Monday, April 6, 2009

Bunnies and a gift

I've got some sort of wicked flu/cold thing and have been feeling horrible since Friday afternoon. It was a real pick-me-up when my husband brought me this package while I was laying in bed. A tote bag, a skein of yarn, a pattern and a letter from Mountain Colors. The letter expressed appreciation for my entry into their category in the Think Outside the Sox contest. Now I don't feel like such a loser! I've met Diana and Leslie a couple of times now, and they've always been so friendly and enthusiastic. It's awesome to see these ladies that really love what they do. Thank you guys so much!

I've been wanting to make these Knitted Bunnies ever since ItShe made some last year for her nephews. I put my socks aside for a little while and finished a couple. I still have a few more to finish, but that's the easy part. Actually, it's all kind of easy. What a great pattern!

I have to admit I did cheat a little. I used my knitting machine to make the square and only hand knitted the ears.

But, if you're way lazier than I am, and don't even want to knit your own, I have an alternative for you. There is a wonderful lady named Kathy that I first met at Stitches West 2009, then found her at the Vista famers market off of Melrose on Saturday mornings. She has some of these made up and for sale at her booth, made out of her own animals fiber. If you live in North County and haven't made it to the farmers market in Vista yet, make the effort. They have a really nice selection of food, plants, and many other things.


seashells said...

I hop(e) you're feeling better now!

Chief Executive Babe said...

How nice of the ladies to send you that present! I'm sure it started you on the path to healing :-)

Your bunnies are so cute! I like the pink fuzzy one - hee! You're so good at holiday things.

When you typed "ItShe," I finally got what her screen name is supposed to be! I can be so blonde sometimes!