Friday, February 20, 2009

Not my first Vogue

I will be able to show up at Stitches West next week wearing a sweater that is in the current issue of Vogue Knitting!

Name of Project: #04 Raglan Jacket from Vogue Knitting, Winter O8/09
Yarn: 4 hanks of Lambs Pride Burlyspun
Needles: Size US 19 and US 17
Estimated Time to Complete Project: 5 days
Pattern Notes: After working the lace bottom part, I only increased one stitch for a total of 72 stitches. Then when I got to the armholes I increased two stitches on each front to give a little ease to the top.

Arms: Worked for 8”, increased, worked 6 rows, increased, worked 6 rows and increased (a total of 3 increases). Then I kept knitting until the sleeve measured 21”. I have long arms. Attaching the sleeves and to the body was easy and it was a piece of cake the rest of way.

After decreasing for the neck, I knitted a few rows of garter stitch so it would match my sleeve cuffs.

I'll be easy to spot at the airport, no one will be able to miss me in this thing!

I've got my outfits all planned, I just have to wait for Giselle...

My beautiful Giselle...

On the blocking board, daring me to remove the wires before it's completely dry, just to try it on once. But I won't. I'm feeling disciplined when it comes to this one. It just cost so much and took so much time, that I can't scrimp on the finishing.

I think I'm going to bring my Queen of Beads socks to knit on while on the plane, but am still kind of stuck as to what else I should bring. I want to have something kind of cool to work on, but not something that requires full attention. I still have to do my homework for my classes but that won't take long. Santa Clara is going to rock!

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Yarnhog said...

Hey, you finished it! That was so quick! I love the hot pink on you--and I was right, the style suits you perfectly. Have a great time in Santa Clara. Wish I could go...