Monday, August 25, 2008

Goody Goody Gumdrops

Name of Project: Gumdrop Socks
Yarn: Socks That Rock lightweight, colorway Goody Goody
Needles: Size US 1.5 (2.5 mm) Knit Picks circulars
Estimated Time to Complete Project: 2 weeks
Pattern Notes: This was the fourth shipment from the Rockin Sock Club 2008. I love this colorway because it's the kind of color that makes me smile when I look at it. It also kind of makes my teeth hurt though, because it looks so sugary. Cotton candy/sweet tart/pixie stick-like.

This pattern is a reversible sock pattern and below is one sock turned inside out.
It might be a little easier to see below. The sock on the left is the way the pattern is written and is right-side out. The one on the right is turned inside-out. I think I like the one on the left better because I'm not sure I like the bobble effect of the other one.

Since I had finished these, and I didn't have my bag with the Spring Forward socks I was going to cast on with me (the bag was in my car, which was gone), I decided to cast on for another pair of socks for my son and his wonderful wallaby sweater. I'm also knitting an Asymmetrical Hat for my friend and an Unoriginal Hat for his girlfriend. They are moving to Idaho at the end of September and I really had an urge to send them off with something warm. I'm using my favorite hat yarn, the Baby Alpaca Grande. It's so soft and feel so nice to knit with. It was shortly after that, when I found out that my cousin is on her way to study at the University of Florence, Italy. I guess it can get pretty cold there too, so I'm thinking she also needs a hat. I'm excited about sending it to her, I think it'll be a nice surprise when she gets it in the mail.

My plan of attack for finishing the hats soon, is this. I'm going to get at least 3 hours of uninterrupted knitting time at the Charger preseason game tonight. The drive there, the game, and the drive home should give me enough time to at least finish the one I'm working on and get half-way done through another. I should have at least two of them done by the end of this week. Then, I could bust out another one next week, when I'm crying my eyes out, after I've sent son #1 off to first grade. Should work out great!

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Cupcake said...

Grape the socks are beautiful, I'm so glad that you have knit the club socks because if I have a question when I finally get around to them I know who to ask. And first grade huh? No problem you can do it!