Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Fire Knitting

I know I sure am ready for knitting night. If the Coffee Bean is even open tomorrow.

San Diego is on fire but my family is doing well. We got the reverse 911 call yesterday to voluntarily evacuate so we did. We stayed at our family's house in Encinitas. Then went home about 7 pm after the evacuation was lifted. My family in Poway was able to go home last night around 9:30 and everyone seems to be in the clear, except for one family member in Escondido. He's still on watch.

I had a lot of time and space in the car so after packing the important papers, computer, and pictures so I thought it wouldn't be bad to put a little yarn in there. I was amazed at how much yarn could fit in the nooks and crannies of my car. I got all of my needles and sock yarn, then got all of the expensive stuff in. Then I decided I wouldn't want to have to replace my books, so I put them in our truck. I guess I wouldn't have grabbed that stuff if I didn't have a lot of time, but I got the warning at about 5 am and didn't get the official call until about 1 pm. That's a lot of time for nervous and tense packing.

I learned something about what type of knitter I am. I cannot knit when I am that tense. It would have probably been a good idea to focus on something else, but I just couldn't get my hands to work. I was so worried about my family and friends in Poway (that's where I grew up) and not fully understanding what the fire in San Marcos was doing, that I couldn't knit very well. My nickname will never be Fire Knitter. I was able to knit a few stitches today though. :)

We are still at home, still watching the fires around the clock on tv. School has been canceled for the remainder of the week for son #1 and so has the Halloween Carnival that was supposed to take place on Saturday. Soccer games are also canceled, as well as any outside activities. It's going to be interesting trying to keep the kids entertained inside until the air quality gets better. They've already developed a cough in reaction to the ashy air and being outside for any length of time makes my head hurt.

We now have family evacuated from Valley Center and they are awaiting word to when the will be able to return home.

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Anonymous said...

I was wondering yesterday about how you were affected by the fires. Glad to read that you are home. We had a large fire this summer in the mountains above Santa Barbara and the winds over the weekend have sent tons of ash and dust over town. Like you, my kids also have coughs related to ash and I've been keeping them indoors until the air clears up. It is tough keeping them busy. Take care.