Thursday, August 2, 2007

New Beginnings

Here is my first version of the Sari Silk Shawl. This was a pattern that I had made up using a drop-stitch and increasing every other row to create the triangle shape. I have a few problems with it though. First, the triangle is a little to long for me. I don't want it to hang down to my ankles by the time I get it long enough for my arms. The recycled silk is kind of heavy and it's pulling on itself and elongating the triangle. Second, I wanted something that would have a little bit of warmth to it. The Size 15 needles I used just made the stitches so open and airy that there would be no warmth to it at all. So I basically am going to just leave this on the needles (it was only one skein of the 6 that I bought) and start again. I think I might try a rectangular shape this time, go down on the needle size and try a different stitch. I just need to work on my socks now, and this is kind of in the way.

I'm going to start the Gansey Socks from the Six Sox Knitalong, and start a pair of socks for my husband's Size 13 feet. And I'm almost done with the second fingerless glove for #1 son. Hopefully I can wrap those up tonight so I can start the socks tomorrow.

The last two Wednesday nights I've headed out to a local coffee shop with my knitting. I was searching around online for a group that meets in my area, and had no luck. Then I noticed a little activity on this one yahoo group and decided to ask when their next meeting was. They told me when and where they were meeting, so I anxiously awaited the night. I've been to a few knitting groups before, at the local yarn shops, but have yet to make a real connection with any one person there. Yeah it was fun being in the yarn shop, and yes it was nice being around other knitters, but for some reason I didn't really feel like I belonged. I am very happy to say that I finally feel like I've found my local knitting friends. I absolutely loved being there with each one of the ladies I met and I went home all excited. This last time I went, we were discussing how the online group that we met on, wasn't accurately posting a meeting time and place, and that it would be a lot easier for local knitters to know where we were, if we started a new group. So we did. I posted it this morning on Yahoo groups, and sent Robin an email so that she could notify everyone. The Carlsbad Coffeehouse Knitters are in business and I'm so pleased to have met such a wonderful group of women.

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