Saturday, July 28, 2007

Mini Sweater

Today I was able to attend a class at my LYS on how to make Mini Christmas Sweaters. I've already made mini sweaters before, but the ones that I saw at the store were just so cute that I wanted to learn how they were done. I'm going to make a few more and have a cute little string of sweaters for Christmas ornaments.

Pattern: Mini Sweater
Yarn: elsebeth lavold Silky Wool
Yardage: a tiny bit for one sweater
Yarn Source: Local Yarn Store
Needles: Size US 0 (2.0 mm) Knit Picks dpns
Estimated Time to Complete Project: 2.5 hours

I also tried to dye a skein of KnitPicks Bare superwash wool in my slow cooker. It's drying right now. First, I soaked it warm water with a cup of vinegar. Then I put hot water and a tablespoon of vinegar in the slow cooker. After the yarn had a good soak I placed it in the pot. Then I mixed 1 cup of water for each packet of Black Cherry Kool-aid for a total of 4 packets. I didn't really mix it around because I kind of wanted a light and dark variegation. After it reached 150 degrees I checked the water and it was clear so I pulled the yarn out and rinsed it. It looks okay to me but I'll check it after it's dried tomorrow. I hope the cats don't think it's a kitty treat and try to eat it. My younger cat eats plastic bags so I never know what he'll try.

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Robin said...

How funny! I just learned how to do mini sweaters this weekend and I am making a bunch for my friend right now. Can't wait to share trade secrets Wednesday.