Friday, June 22, 2007

My baby hoodie

Pattern: Easy Baby Cardigan
Size: Infant
Yarn: Bernat Baby Boucle
Yardage: Not all of 1 skein of 4 oz/113 grams
Yarn Source: Stash
Needles: Size US 8 Knit Picks Interchangeable circulars
Gauge: 3.25sts/inch over stockinette
Estimated Time to Complete Project: 8 hours
Modifications: changed gauge to accomodate yarn; shortened sleeves a little; and I'm not sure if I want to put little buttons on it or use a couple of I-cords to tie it closed yet.

Here it is modeled by my infant-sized doll Cecille:
This sweater is a glowing accomplishment for me because it is the first time I've attempted to completely alter a pattern and knit it based on the dimensions I calculated from the original. I had to because the yarn I wanted to use was way, way thicker than what the pattern called for. There wasn't a schematic with the pattern so I drew one with measurements using the stitches in the pattern. Then using my own gauge, I came up with the stitch count needed for each section and was able to achieve a pretty nice looking sweater. I am still a little shocked that it worked. I've read about it in my Stitch 'n bitch Nation book by Debbie Stoller, but it still surprised me.

With the thickness of the yarn and the size 8 needles, it only took me about 3 days to make and I LOVE instant gratification. :)


Anonymous said...

Cute sweater! I'm so glad the pattern and your adjustments worked.

Kristi said...

It's very cute, and that's a lovely shade of blue.