Thursday, April 19, 2007

My Horcrux

Half-way done! I've turned the heel and decreased the gusset and am just working around the foot. I've decided to carry the zig-zag pattern all the way down the leg and the top of the foot. It's more fun that way. I'm using Anne by Schaefer Yarns which is a superwash wool/mohair/nylon blend. I had a hard time choosing yarn for this because I wanted the lace pattern to show up. This was the third attempt and I'm still not sure if it shows up enough. It is clearer to see than what the picture shows but not much. But I've decided it looks pretty good and am going to finish them. The pattern is from the Six Sox Knitalong and was designed by Susan Pierce Lawrence has been really fun and easy.

It would be great if I could possibly finish them this weekend. I've been able to get around 5-8 hours of knitting time a week depending on my kids' schedule. I squeeze in a few rounds here and there while I'm waiting in the car, or we're watching Spongebob. My attempts at getting my 5-year-old boy to knit have not been successful. He made a hat on a knitting loom once and the only reason he did that was because I told him he couldn't watch cartoons unless he was working on his hat. I thought that once he tried it he would like it but...he told me it was boring. Everyone told me that kids will break your heart, I just wasn't expecting that. I will have to start working on the baby to see if I can program him early to want to play with yarn.

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Anonymous said...

Oh Kha, they are beautiful! I love the yarn! I just ripped back 3 inches on my Twisted Flower, sad but necessary (I was twisting my stitches incorrectly). Just wanted to confirm our date for next Saturday... SEWING DAY!!!! Can't wait!