Thursday, January 18, 2007

Short-rows for Shorties

The learning continues... I've finished the toe-up baby socks. I used Lion Brand Jamie Yarn in Pink and two size 0 circular knitting needles. The pattern I followed can be found here I followed it until I reached the ankle, then changed to a mock rib that I have used previously for baby hats. It was great to see how the short rows work to form the heel and I really like the technique. It was a little difficult with the baby yarn and size 0 needles but I guess it can't get any harder than that and I should be able to use them anywhere now. I would like to try changing the pattern to use bigger needles and a bigger gauge and see if the proportions are still okay. To have a sock pattern that more closely matches my baby hat pattern is what I'm after so I can use up the enormous amount of baby yarn that I have in my closet.

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