Monday, December 1, 2014

The Knitters Guild Holiday Luncheon

Today I got to wear my newly finished sweater to a place where people would truly appreciate it! Stacy took this picture of me in front of the Morgan Run Club & Resort.
The lunch was amazing! There were two options to choose from, Salmon Ceasar Salad and a Chicken Salad Wrap. I chose the Salmon but also got a taste of the Chicken Salad and both were delicious. They also served bread and butter, coffee, and dessert. 

One of the fun parts was the raffle drawing. You bought tickets and put them in the boxes of the prizes you were interested in winning, but it was hard to choose because they were all pretty awesome. I did not win anything which was a bummer when you would REALLY like what you put in for. The raffle drawing prizes:

I got to hang out with some wonderful friends and had so much fun talking about knitting, yarn and projects. Here are Julie, Me, and Isabelle:

The view from my table:

The fashion show was also really fun to watch and I really enjoyed seeing all the amazing projects. Cute Stacy modeling her vest:

The only thing I wish had been different was that I had to leave by 2 for school pickup. I don't know why I didn't plan for the lunch to go long, but I really didn't think it would go past 2 when arrival was at 10:30am. I had to leave before all of the prizes had been drawn and before they gave away the cool yarn centerpieces on the table. I also would have liked to socialized a little more afterwards and taken a couple more pictures. I guess next time I'll plan better!

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