Thursday, November 24, 2011

The Great Disguise

My son's class performed Moses before the Thanksgiving break while they were learning about the history of the Hebrews. The play was excellent and I loved the songs performed during the play. My son and two others played two parts, the hebrew slaves and the 3 shepherds. My son told me he needed a beard and his idea was to cut his hair and glue it to his face. I told him not to worry, I would come up with something that wasn't as permanent. I remembered seeing the Instant Beard pattern before Halloween and thinking, if I ever have a costume where I need a beard, I'm making one of these. They only took a couple of hours and turned out absolutely hilarious!

This is son #2 modeling beard #1.

This is son #1 modeling beard #2.
And Shepherd #3. I made his beard a little longer so they didn't all look exactly the same.

Once I made those three, his teacher asked me if I could make one for Moses. I didn't follow the pattern for this, I just cast on a few stitches and increased on each row until I had enough stitches to go around the face. Then I cast off for the mouth and re-cast the stitches on the next row for the mustache.

Here's the whole 3rd/4th grade cast of Moses!
I'm not a big fan of wearing facial hair for costumes but I really liked these beards. They can be taken on and off easily and the pattern cups the chin for a great fit. I've worn a couple of "man" costumes that have involved the use of mustaches and beards and I'm a little uncomfortable in that role. I tend to stick more to the "girly" costumes. But maybe if I had a pink beard...


seashells said...

Those are so cute!

dorinalouise said...

the beards are so clever! what yarn did you end up using?