Wednesday, June 16, 2010

On our way to Mammoth

A quick update on my cleanse...I feel great! My body feels healthy, my mind feels clear and I've lost 14 lbs. It far exceeded my expectations and I'll definitely be doing this once a year with some shorter cleanses quarterly. Its helped me learn more about nutrition and to pursue more natural remedies to the ailments that do pop up. For example, I suffer from migraines during certain parts of my cycle. I didn't want to break my cleanse, so at that time of the month I went to an accupuncturist. I felt like I had won the lottery after that first treatment. I went one more time and since then have not had a migraine. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for next month, because they might not come back. :) Woohoo!

I'm knitting a hot water bottle cover on the road. The truck is not the smoothest ride and it's not good for knitting anything fine gauge. I've made one like this for my friend's birthday and I've wanted one of my own for awhile. The drive should be long enough to bust it out by the time we get there!

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