Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Law of Attraction

I think it's pretty obvious to most people who know me that I like to knit. Even if they aren't knitters themselves. They've either seen me wearing my hand knits, or actually knitting in public. I think that's why I'm usually the recipient of unwanted yarn and fiber related goodies. So the following event happens to me about once a year. A friend who I know through my son's school sent me this email about a week ago.

"I hope you’re having a good new year so far.  I am in the midst of clearing out, streamlining and getting ready to pack.  I haven’t even started actually packing and we’re moving Wednesday!

Anyway,  do you want some yarn?  I don’t have anything that amazing, but some interesting varieties, mostly wool.  When I got into knitting I started collecting yarn like crazy.  I need to get rid of a lot before my husband finds out how much I actually have.  I was literally hiding it in my closet!  I even had to find new hiding places temporarily once when we cleaned our carpets.  But, I don’t think I’ll get away without him noticing how much I have if I don’t get rid of some.  Plus, I’m not knitting that much anymore, and I’ll have to buy all matching yarn when I (if I) ever get around to doing more projects.  Since you knit so much I wanted to offer the yarn to you."
After I finished laughing about how we ALL hide yarn around the house I immediately emailed her back to let her know that I would LOVE to have her yarn and anything that I didn't want to keep I would find a good home for. So here it is in all it's glory before I started organizing it. Although she did already have the different fibers separated.

The Whole Collection

The Wool and Angora Collection

The Alpaca Collection

The Mohair and Suede Collection

The Cotton Collection

The Novelty Collection

I've gone through and catalogued a lot in Ravelry and I'm just going to put it away for now. But in the future I'll be pulling some of this stuff out and seeing if I'm actually going to knit with it or give it away. I really feel like I win the lottery at least once a year!


Yarnhog said...

Wow! I wish that sort of thing happened to me!

itsheknits said...

W T F ???????

How do you manage to accumulate and WHO are your sources? I NEVER get asked to help take some yarn from a friend to help them out. Sheesh.