Thursday, September 10, 2009

Another cute baby sweater

My baby shower gift all ready to go for Saturday. I bought some onesies and socks to go with it and it's almost cute enough to make me want more. Almost.

Collier Sweater

The pattern for the sweater is a Lion Brand pattern called Naturally Nice Baby Sweater and I chose it because of the top down construction. I've made it before and will likely make it again because I was able to fit it into my knitting queue without a whole lot of shuffling. I like that in a project!

Collier Sweater (2)

The hat I made to go with it has a rolled brim and a fancy pom pom on top. It started out with matching trip on the cuff of the hat but it was so bulky I just cut it off and made it a rolled brim instead.

Collier Sweater (1)

I think she'll like it and can't wait to give it to her!

Football season officially started tonight. I've got some bets rolling on them but doubt I will do very well. Unless my husband is sitting there doing the picks with me, I pick based on whose uniform colors appeal to me at the moment, or whose name I like best. Not very scientific. I think it'll be a good time!

We had our first day of second grade this week too. The routine and rhythm has started and is falling into place. Here's to another year of wonderful education!

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Yarnhog said...

Super, super cute! I'm sure she'll love it!