Friday, October 5, 2007

Christmas is on its way!

My first Christmas present finished! This is the drop-stitch scarf I made for my son's kindergarten teacher. I specifically picked out this yarn for her, as she has really pretty olive skin and I think it will look fabulous on her. Did you notice the blue hair on son #1? It was Crazy Hair day at school. :)

Name of Project: Monet's Water Garden Shawl
Yarn: Katia Dulce Plus - 50 grams/46 yards
Yardage: 6.5 balls, about 300 yards
Yarn Source: Yarning For You
Needles: Size US 10 Knit Picks interchangeables
Estimated Time to Complete Project: 2 weeks
Modifications: I changed the repeat to accomodate the thicker yarn. Instead of having 7 sts, then 2 dropped sts, I had 4 sts then dropped 1 st for a total of 24 sts.

I kind of feel like I'm taking a risk, giving this to her. I don't know what her likes or dislikes are, what if she hates green? Or what if she's the type that doesn't appreciate the value of a handmade gift and thinks it's lame? All I can do, is the best I can. I feel like I've put out the best effort I can, in showing her how much I appreciate what a good job she does with the kids. So there it is...This is the leftover that will go back into the stash. 1.5 balls of Katia Dulce. I would have used the one of them to lengthen the scarf a little bit, but I didn't want to to make it too long. I knew I wanted to add fringe so it ended up the perfect length.

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