Monday, September 17, 2007

Cupcake's Surprise

My birthday is this week and today I got a totally unexpected package in the mail. It was completely unexpected because everything that usually comes to our front door is for my husband. And I haven't ordered anything. So when the mailman dropped off the box, I just thought I would bring it inside for him. That's when the label with the cupcake on it caught my eye. I thought to myself, "Wow, that totally reminds me of Michelle." Then I looked closer and it WAS from Michelle. So I ran upstairs to open it.

Inside was this awesome drop stitch scarf complete with fringe and pattern. I was so happy to be the recipient of this scarf because I had seen her working on it and fell in love with the yarn. I think my gushing over how it was the most beautiful of variegated pink and purple and how it was going to be so great, helped her realize who she was making it for. :)

This is the closeup of how beautiful the yarn is. I feel very fortunate to be worthy of Cupcake's time and yarn, and am very happy to have her as a friend. I met her through my Best B and we've gotten to do a couple of fun fiber adventures together.

Thanks Cupcake!!! Happy Birthday to me!


Cupcake said...

You are so cute! I'm so glad that you got the package and your pattern (see it was worth the wait) and I'm really glad that you like the scarf/wrap. I knew as soon as you saw it and loved it that it had found a home. And the fringe was just for you! Have a wonderful birthday and I hope to see you soon.
Love, Cupcake

Robin said...

Very Pretty!