Monday, August 27, 2007

My Anniversary in Big Bear

My weekend in Big Bear was absolutely wonderful. It was so nice for us to be able to enjoy each other and spend time with just the two of us. This was our view from the bed. It was so beautiful and peaceful that at first we just sat there and soaked it in. We both were able to relax and recharge. This weekend helped reinforce the reasons why we're together and we pledged to make sure that we make time for just the two of us consistently (not just on our anniversary).
I brought my Clapotis to work on and got through a couple of the pattern repeats. It was pretty good car knitting because of the size of the needles but it was a little hard with the stitch markers. They kept trying to pop off and hide from me in the car.
This man helped me hunt down the one yarn store in Big Bear. I had checked online before I left but it wasn't in Big Bear Lake where we were staying, it was in Big Bear City down the road. It was a cute store but didn't really have very many natural fibers. It had a lot of stuff that I could get a lot cheaper at Michaels. I've heard that sometimes it's hard for yarn stores to carry the more expensive yarn because the local knitters don't want to pay and are happy with synthetic materials. I can guess that this might be the case there because I didn't see a Michaels or Walmart there.

We also found a shop that had clothes from India and had bags of recycled silk yarn. I didn't buy any because I still have some recycled silk that I haven't made peace with yet, but I know where it is if I want to get it. They had some solid colors that were very pretty.

And in other exciting news, yesterday when I got back from my weekend getaway I had this in my email box...

Hey there,

frecklegirl has invited you to Ravelry!
"Here you go! Thanks for your interest in our little site.
Let me know if you have any questions or problems!


Click this link to join

So I'm officially signed in as khalila. :) I didn't really get a lot of time to play with it yet, but so far I like what I'm seeing. I think what I'm most excited about is being able to look up what other people are working on and see what they like or don't like about what they are making.


Robin said...

Your so lucky! A vacation and a Ravelry invite, I'm jealous. There are still 2500 people ahead of me :(

Anonymous said...

Ravelry is great! I'm happy you finally got in.

Rebecca said...

I'm in total awe of the view from your room! It looks perfect. I'll have to get the info and drop a hint to the DH. Also, I am jealous as hell that you are in Ravelry....